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Re: lib/43832: ssp causes common names to be defines

> >Synopsis:       stack protector causes 'read' to be a #define
> audio/audio.c:1166: error: 'struct audio_pcm_ops' has no member named 
> '__read_alias

Not a real fix, but I have a set of files for qemu-0.13.0-rc0 on pkgsrc:
that includes patches like:
> -    bytes = sw->hw->pcm_ops->read (sw, buf, size);
> +    bytes = (*sw->hw->pcm_ops->read)(sw, buf, size);

Of course it won't be acceptable by third parties and
we should have proper fix for __ssp_alias_func() in <ssp/unistd.h>.
Izumi Tsutsui

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