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Re: bin/43821 (make: oldstanding bug with loop variables)

> Whether it's a bug is debatable (getting "malformed conditional" is a bug
> but that's a minor aspect of the issue) but this is deeply ingrained
> behavior of loop variables and it's not readily changed or "fixed".
From the documentation it is unclear that loop variables cannot be used
in condition statements directly just like normal variables. So,
formally speaking, it is definitely a bug. If it is really really
impossible to fix it, then it should be documented ;-) As for your
example code, of course I know about such a workaround. My original post
contained mostly the same fragment. I also know when variables are
expanded but loop variable expansion doesn't relate to this PR.

> Try this example on for size:

> .for i in 1 2 3
> j=${i}       
> .if !empty(j:M2)
> res=passed ${j}
> .endif  
> .endfor

>  all:
>       @echo ${res}

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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