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Re: port-i386/43655 (integer division by zero delivers SIGFPE with wrong siginfo code on i386)

On Jul 26,  1:37am, (Taylor R Campbell) 
-- Subject: Re: port-i386/43655 (integer division by zero delivers SIGFPE wit

| Thanks.  While you're at it, perhaps you could address the curious
| situation of `floating poing operations' in the siginfo(2) man page.
| I don't know what a poing is, but I'd be happier knowing there aren't
| any floating around me, especially not when they're invalid.

Well, it means usually invalid operand to the floating operation requested.
I don't really want to rename it, or make it more specific, what would you
like to see instead?


PS: I will fix amd64 soon, I have the code written but not tested/committed.

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