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re: xsrc/42287 (KDE4 unusable with Intel graphic chipsets)

>  To investigated this behavior somewhat further on I've installed 
>  NetBSD-current on a machine with a Radeon HD3000 graphics adaptor using 
>  KDE-4.4.4 from pkgsrc-current. Even there I see those problems with 
>  distortion and invisible panel. (I've tested both radeon and radeonhd.) So I 
>  assume that this effect is not Intel specific. It's more an issue of the 
>  interaction of KDE4 and the EXA-acceleration.
>  I agree that it does not really make sense to switch to XAA by default. At 
>  least in the case of the Radeon driver only EXA acceleration is available.

i see some corruption on a radeon hd 4670 card with konqueror menus, that
goes away with i disable radeondrm.  however, then the card performance
is absysmal there, and i have no Xvideo.

i bet this is the same problem.  it's on my list of things to deal with.

thanks for testing all these combinations and reporting the results.


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