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re: toolchain/43286: New atf framework causes to fail

I first posted a failure two days ago on current-users. I guess you don't 
follow that list.

#    create  atf-version/atf-version.d
/usr/src/obj.amd64/tooldir.NetBSD-5.99.29-amd64/bin/nbmkdep -f atf-version.d -- 
    -nostdinc++ -cxx-isystem
/usr/src/obj.amd64/destdir.amd64/usr/include/g++   -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
-I/usr/src/external/bsd/atf/usr.bin/atf-version/../../lib/libatf-c -I.. 
-nostdinc -isystem
/usr/src/external/bsd/atf/dist/atf-version/atf-version.cpp:33:34: error: 
atf-version/revision.h: No such file or directory

Other users have posted:

I think, my troubles are earlier (even if I can't explain why):

dependall ===> atf-compile
nbmake: nbmake: don't know how to make Stop
*** [dependall] Error code 2
1 error
nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/tools/atf-compile
*** [dependall-atf-compile] Error code 2

But both have to do with the new atf ...


I have 3 source trees that I build from.  2 seem to be fine
but one gives me this (building either macppc or vax) even
though all 3 have been updated at more or less the same time:

#    create  atf-version/atf-version.d
/usr/NetBSD/src/external/bsd/atf/dist/atf-version/atf-version.cpp:33:34: error: 
atf-version/revision.h: No such file or

I haven't figured out why this is yet.

Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE(6/86) + BSChem(3/95) + BAEnglish(8/95) + MSCS(8/03) + $2.50 = latte

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