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Re: port-powerpc/43042: frexp(), ldexp() and modf() are missing from powerpc64 libm/libc

> this problem doesn't seem to occur anymore, with no patches:

Here's what I get with the patch removed from the libc
Makefile and added to the libm Makefile in a clean tree
with all object files removed first:

% powerpc64--netbsd-nm obj/destdir.macppc/lib/ | egrep 'modf|ldexp|frexp'
% powerpc64--netbsd-nm obj/destdir.macppc/lib/ | egrep 'modf|ldexp|frexp'
000000000001eda8 T .__ieee754_fmodf
000000000000f7dc T .fmodf
000000000000cf00 T .frexp
00000000000110cc T .frexpf
000000000000ce5c T .ldexp
0000000000010e68 T .ldexpf
000000000000ccec T .modf
0000000000010c90 T .modff
0000000000035fa8 D __ieee754_fmodf
0000000000035348 D fmodf
0000000000034e98 D frexp
00000000000356d8 D frexpf
0000000000034e80 D ldexp
0000000000035660 D ldexpf
0000000000034e68 D modf
0000000000035618 D modff

Might you have built you libc into an obj directory with
files left over from a previous build which had the patch?
I've found that if you remove source files from a library
Makefile sometimes the old .o's don't disappear unless you
go in and delete them manually.


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