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re: port-i386/42966: kernel built from today's netbsd-5 crashes

     >  I'm concerned that just turning off DIAGNOSTIC will simply mask a
     >  problem; I hope that the bug can actually be found and squashed.
    Turning off DIAGNOSTIC will, however, make your machine run a lot
    faster. (Once upon a time, DIAGNOSTIC was supposed to be cheap and
    only DEBUG was expensive; however, that's no longer true.)

says who?

at least on sparc64 DIAGNOSTIC causes only a few percent of performance
loss.  the worst case i found -- ./configure -- averaged at 7% loss,
but most things were 1-3%.


you could probably avoid this assert by disabling i915drm as well.  this
also looks like it might be the same problem as in PR/42980, but with
a different caller.


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