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re: port-amd64/42980: satalink DMA fails under amd64

   I'm currently running with a close variant of that patch right now.
   It works for my 3512.
   But I'm still concerned that approach won't work for a 3112 and I'm
   curious what the right thing to do is.
   Also, we've not pinned down the reason why the amd64 is prone to the
   problem and the i386 isn't.
   I'll test this patch anyway, just for posterity, and get back to this
   distribution (note - this won't make it into the gnats log).

you're right.

i guess the bus_dmamap_create() call needs to use this in place
of the IDEDMA_TBL_ALIGN argument?

        min(dma_table_size, IDEDMA_TBL_ALIGN);


manuel?  can you comment?

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