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Re: port-amd64/42631: Booting 5.0.1/amd64 (or 5.0.1/i386) install kernel gets page fault on Dell Inspiron 545s

Thanks very much.  I meant to mention in the original bug report
that the machine has no dedicated keyboard port and ddb seemed
to lose the USB keyboard after the crash, leaving no way to
type "bt" at it.

That doesn't matter, however, since disabling azalia with boot -c
or, equivalently, disabling the audio in the BIOS, eliminated the
problem.  The installed system is now up and running.  I'll
re-enable the audio when I can build a newer kernel to make sure
this particular machine will boot with the replacement driver,
though since the machine will be living in a closet with a
serial console I'm not unhappy with the work-around, either.

Thanks again.

Dennis Ferguson

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