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Re: xsrc/42262: Thinkpad T500 Intel GM45 Express X doesn't like i915drm

Hi Frank,

On 15/01/2010 11:55, Frank Thieme wrote:
>  I have a Thinkpad SL300 with the same problem (and I guess same graphics
>  hardware). I just tried the and at
>  least Xorg starts with DRI enabled and without leaving an unusable display
>  behind.

Great to hear the patch is helping

>  But it's not over yet, because every application, that try to use DRI is
>  getting an Segfault:

There've been a few fixes to i965_dri pulled up to -5 in the last week -
updating could help here.

If that doesn't work, it's worth filing a new PR to keep these two
issues seperate.


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