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Re: kern/42616: tmpfs crashes on unmount after testing with "fsstress"

"Greg A. Woods" <> wrote:
>       After reading about FreeBSD importing tmpfs, and then getting
>       it to work reliably with the "fsstress" program, originally from
>       SGI, but also ported to DragonFly, I thought I'd try it on
>       NetBSD-4 to see if I should switch my production systems over to
>       using tmpfs yet or not.
> <...>
>       If this is already fixed in netbsd-5 is there any chance of
>       getting the fix back-ported to netbsd-4?

There were many fixes in netbsd-5 for tmpfs, please try it.  I doubt that
somebody would backport them to netbsd-4.


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