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Re: xsrc/42262: Thinkpad T500 Intel GM45 Express X doesn't like i915drm

The following reply was made to PR xsrc/42262; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Matthias Pfaller <>
To: Jeremy Morse <>
Subject: Re: xsrc/42262: Thinkpad T500 Intel GM45 Express X doesn't like 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 21:31:54 +0100

 Jeremy Morse wrote:
 > Hmn,
 > When debugging I found all the
 > [drm:pid0:i915_driver_irq_handler] [drm:pid0:i915_driver_irq_handler]
 > iir = 0x00000040, pipestats a = 0x00020203, b = 0x00000000
 > messages slowed userland to a crawl - it might be worth commenting that
 > portion of i915_irq.c (line 218) out. (Plus the output would be easier
 > to read).
 > Otherwise:
 > [drm:pid649:i915_wait_irq] [drm:pid649:i915_wait_irq] irq_nr=1 breadcrumb=0
 > and
 > [drm:pid649:drm_ioctl] [drm:pid649:drm_ioctl]     returning 35
 > Suggests this is still the hang experienced before. Yuck.
 > If you have the time to build xsrc/external/mit/xf86-video-intel
 > manually, there's an "intel_statuspage" program built which dumps the
 > status page contents. If you could run that and post the output (while X
 > is busy hanging, if possible) we can work out whether this is hardware
 > not writing to the status page (contents will all be zero), or if it's
 > the status page being improperly mapped.
 The contents of the status page is all zeros.
 > Could you also check that bus-mastering is enabled on the device (pcictl
 > /dev/pci0 dump -d <devnum>). According to [0] this recent commit, -5
 > xorg doesn't explicitly ensure that it's turned on.
 > [0]
 Looks like dma is off. I have attached my pcictl list and dump outputs 
 as well as the dmesg output. What is this device 2 function 1 thing? 
 Because this has dma turned on. I'm using modular-xorg-server. Probably 
 I need to rebuild (and patch).
 Regards, Matthias

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