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re: xsrc/42262: Thinkpad T500 Intel GM45 Express X doesn't like i915drm

   (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/X11R7/lib/modules/dri/
   failed (/usr/X11R7/lib/modules/dri/ Undefined symbol
   "driDriverApi" (symnum = 157))

i just commited a fix for this to -current.  make sure you have
external/mit/xorg/lib/dri/i965/Makefile rev 1.6.
   Which is a userland problem that I don't know how to fix right now.
   However it should address both the hang and crash previously reported.

   Some details on the patch:
    * latest intel gfx cards wish to sub-map part of agp space, which
   netbsd drm can't do right now
    * patch re-implements parts of drm_netbsd_ioremap to support this
    * entire mapping recorded in pci_map_data, submapping in drm_local_map_t
    * store mapping vaddr in local_map's "handle" field
    * also inject some error checking + handling for drm_addmap

looks mostly OK, though i didn't follow all the new logic in remap.
you don't need the new XXX comment for pci_map_data_t.



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