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Re: kern/42552: smartd reports "not capable of SMART self-check"

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 07:10:06PM +0000, Matthias Pfaller wrote:
I have installed a kernel with this patch, but I can't reboot at the moment. I have an "atactl setstandby 3600" in my /etc/rc.local, so maybe the drives are in standby, when the error occurs.

Yes, that could explain it. Not sure if the self test can be run
when the drive is in standby mode. If the patch doesn't help, can you
see if disabling the standby timer solves the problem ?

Disabling the standby timer "solves" the problem. But the documentation of smartd states, that it should be able to work with drives in standby. So either this doesn't work with netbsd or it just doesn't work with ahcisata. Another thing: My previous system had drives on a piixide and when the drives woke up from standby, the kernel did not log a error message. Now I get errors like these from time to time:

Jan 2 02:03:02 zork /netbsd: wd3e: device timeout reading fsbn 597712576 of 59$ Jan 2 02:03:02 zork /netbsd: ahcisata0 port 3: device present, speed: 3.0Gb/s
Jan 2 02:03:02 zork /netbsd: wd3: soft error (corrected)

Is this something to be fixed or is piixide just more tolerant?

Regards, Matthias

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