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Re: port-i386/40697 (kernel panic with VIA 6421 host adapter(5.0RC and -current))

> Ah, it no longer panics and detects and uses the SATA-Part. But the PATA-
> Interface does't find my CDROM, though it was recognized in the BIOS probe
> screen.

Well, PATA port is at the third PCIIDE channel,
but current viaide.c doesn't set up it at all.

Anyway it a different problem from this PR
(not a bug but not-yet-supported problem).
Could you file a new PR for it?

FreeBSD has a support for the PATA port of VT6421
so specification is open, but I wonder if our pciide(4)
driver can handle both SATA and PATA channels in the same
Izumi Tsutsui

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