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Re: kern/35371 (patch for MPLS support)

>  I agree with Elad here unless you write MPLS support from scratch.

The patch in this PR is outdated and most probably it will not work on
newer NetBSDs. The wip/ldp package this PR refers to is also outdated. I
am very sure that I don't want the code in this PR to be integrated into
NetBSD - at least not in this shape. So, as I initiator of this PR I
want it closed.

As for rewriting it from scratch, I already did a part and can finish
the work in case there is any interest in this matter. Also some time
needs to invested into ldp daemon and make it RFC5036 compliable. ldpd
was written after RFC3036 that is now obsoleted. Keep in mind that MPLS
label switching engine in kernel is practicaly useless without a ldp
daemon that can peer and exchange label information with neighbors.

But for now there is no reason for this PR to remain open in my opinion.

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