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Re: misc/42237: /dev/null permission issues

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 02:10:01PM +0000, wrote:
 > There are strange issues with /dev/null access permissions in a
 > fresh installation of NetBSD/amd64. First, these (permissions) are
 > nowhere near persistent even through I'm not using RAM-based file
 > systems and there's no dynamic device node management in NetBSD
 > altogether. Moreover, strange things (appear to?) happen: it looks
 > like /dev/null permissions are being changed along the way (one day
 > I found /dev/null it belonging to my primary group rather than to
 > wheel, and I was nowhere near to claiming such kind authority over
 > it :-) ). There were some other things like this, but since I'm
 > unable to reproduce these, as well as the aforementioned situation,
 > I wouldn't insist on their existence (at least as bugs of NetBSD
 > and not my own :-) ), but I'm all too well able to reproduce
 > continuous re-setting of /dev/null permissions (to 0600, root:wheel
 > if you're interested), so let's focus on it.

I have seen this (or something very like it) and it was caused by

lrwx------  1 dholland  notmp    9 Oct 27 10:16 .lesshst -> /dev/null

in the home directory of a user with root access. (root's home
directory probably "works" too.)

David A. Holland

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