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Re: kern/42225: can't read data from SuperTop IDE Bridge (umass)

On Oct 24,  8:40pm, 
( wrote:
-- Subject: kern/42225: can't read data from SuperTop IDE Bridge (umass)

| The problem is, that the device has some quirk, such that the residue 
information is bad (always zero).
| >How-To-Repeat:
| Just attach the device and try to read/write data using dd.
| >Fix:
| The following patches for netbsd-5-0, netbsd-5 and HEAD branches correct the 
| I introduced a new umass quirk UMASS_QUIRK_IGNORE_RESIDUE and added a 
corresponding entry to umass_quirks.c for the specific device.  I used the code 
on 5.0.0_PATCH and 5.0.1_PATCH systems for some months without any problems.  I 
created patches against the code of netbsd-5-0, netbsd-5 and HEAD branches of 
today.  They are given below.  I compiled kernels of all three branches and 
tried the device to check if it performs properly.
| According to other operating systems' quirk lists there are many other 
umass-devices with this quirk.  Using this patch and adding a corresponding 
quirk entry in umass_quirk.c might solve the problem with those devices, too.  
I did not add further entries, because I only have this single device with the 
quirk and I'm unable to test the others.

Can you please send the 'diff -u' output?



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