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Re: misc/41913

The following reply was made to PR misc/41913; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Jukka Ruohonen <>
Subject: Re: misc/41913
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 22:16:17 +0300

 Here is a draft that documents the mentioned variables.
 Index: src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5
 RCS file: /cvsroot/src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5,v
 retrieving revision 1.136
 diff -u -p -r1.136 rc.conf.5
 --- src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5       14 Sep 2009 12:37:08 -0000      1.136
 +++ src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5       22 Sep 2009 19:12:15 -0000
 @@ -334,9 +334,23 @@ Enables process accounting with
  .Pa /var/account/acct
  to exist.
 +.It Sy ccd
 +Boolean value.
 +Configures concatenated disk devices according to
 +.Xr ccd.conf 5 .
 +.It Sy cgd
 +Boolean value.
 +Configures cryptographic disk devices.
 +.Pa /etc/cgd/cgd.conf .
 +.Xr cgdconfig 8
 +for additional details.
  .It Sy clear_tmp
  Boolean value.
 -Clear /tmp after reboot.
 +.Pa /tmp
 +after reboot.
  .It Sy dmesg
  Boolean value.
 @@ -345,13 +359,26 @@ from the output of
  .Xr dmesg 8 .
  .Sy dmesg_flags .
 +.It Sy envsys
 +Boolean value.
 +Sets preferences for the environmental systems framework,
 +.Xr envsys 4 .
 +.Pa /etc/envsys.conf ,
 +which is described in
 +.Xr envsys.conf 5 .
  .It Sy gpio
  Boolean value.
  .Xr gpio 4
 -devices .
  .Xr gpio.conf 5 .
 +.It Sy ldconfig
 +Boolean value.
 +.Xr a.out 5
 +runtime link editor directory cache.
  .It Sy mixerctl
  Boolean value.
 @@ -379,6 +406,19 @@ can be used to override the default loca
  .Dq real
  temporary directories,
  .Dq Pa /private/tmp .
 +.It Sy quota
 +Boolean value.
 +Checks and enables quotas by running
 +.Xr quotacheck 1
 +.Xr quotaon 8 .
 +.It Sy raidframe
 +Boolean value.
 +.Xr raid 4 ,
 +RAIDframe disk devices. See
 +.Xr raidctl 8
 +for additional details.
  .It Sy rndctl
  Boolean value.
  Runs the
 @@ -426,6 +466,15 @@ the following commands will be executed:
  .Li "rndctl -c -e -d wd1" ;
  .Li "rndctl -c -e -t tty" ;
  .Li "rndctl -c -t net" .
 +.It Sy rtclocaltime
 +Boolean value.
 +Sets the real time clock to local time by adjusting the
 +.Xr sysctl 7
 +value of
 +.Pa kern.rtc_offset .
 +The offset from UTC is calculated automatically according
 +to the time zone information in the file
 +.Pa /etc/localtime .
  .It Sy savecore
  Boolean value.
  Runs the
 @@ -437,6 +486,15 @@ The directory where crash dumps are stor
  .Sy savecore_dir .
  The default setting is
  .Dq Pa /var/crash .
 +.It Sy sysdb
 +Boolean value.
 +Builds various system databases, including
 +.Pa /var/run/dev.db ,
 +.Pa /etc/spwd.db ,
 +.Pa /var/db/netgroup.db ,
 +.Pa /var/db/services.db ,
 +and entries for
 +.Xr utmp 5 .
  .It Sy tpctl
  Boolean value.
 @@ -466,6 +524,14 @@ Send notification mail to users if any r
  .Xr virecover 8
  for more information.
 +.It Sy wdogctl
 +Boolean value.
 +Configures watchdog timers.
 +.Sy wdogctl_flags .
 +Refer to
 +.Xr wdogctl 8
 +for information on how to configure a timer.
  .Ss System security setting
  .Bl -tag -width net_interfaces
 @@ -584,6 +650,11 @@ Boolean value.
  Flushes the route table on networking startup.
  Useful when coming up to multiuser mode after going down to
  single-user mode.
 +.It Sy ftp_proxy
 +Boolean value.
 +.Xr ftp-proxy 8 ,
 +the proxy daemon for the Internet File Transfer Protocol.
  .It Sy hostapd
  Boolean value.
 @@ -867,6 +938,11 @@ Passes
  Boolean value.
  .Xr cron 8 .
 +.It Sy ftpd
 +Runs the
 +.Xr ftpd 8
 +daemon and passes
 +.Sy ftpd_flags .
  .It Sy httpd
  Boolean value.
  Runs the
 @@ -1276,6 +1352,19 @@ Passes
  .Ss Other daemons
  .Bl -tag -width net_interfaces
 +.It Sy identd
 +Boolean value.
 +.Xr identd 8 ,
 +the daemon for the user identification protocol.
 +.Sy identd_flags .
 +.It Sy iscsi_target
 +Boolean value.
 +Runs the server for iSCSI requests,
 +.Xr iscsi-target 8 .
 +.Sy iscsi_target_flags .
  .It Sy isdnd
  Boolean value.

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