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Re: lib/41894: [dM] printw return value wrong

On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 04:25:01AM +0000, der Mouse wrote:
>  In off-ticket correspnodence, someone pointed out to me that there's a
>  RETURN VALUES section which specifies the existing return values.

According to SUSv2 the return values section is correct.  The only values
returned by printw() and friends are ERR and OK.

>  So the manpage contradicts itself, and needs updating whether or not
>  anything is done to the code - either the RETURN VALUES section needs
>  updating or the description needs to note that the return value is not
>  an aspect of printf's interface which is carried over to printw's.

This is a doc bug - the phrase "the same as" should be changed to
"similar to" which is a synonym for the SUSv2 wording of "analogous"

>  Naturally, I'd prefer to see the printf-like behaviour, since that's
>  the more useful, but, if SUS specifies the less informative behaviour,
>  then this really is just ("just", heh) a doc-bug.

Much as I agree witht he sentiment of the usefulness of the printf like
behaviour SUSv2 disagrees..

Brett Lymn
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