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Re: kern/41668: MONOLITHIC should probably also be included inHEAD builds

> A counter argument is that the modular framework offers no advantages
> over a monolithic kernel.  No less source code, no less disk space
> used, more difficult upgrades.  I still don't see who is supposed to
> be helped by modular kernels: People with embedded hardware and small
> memory -- Why can't they build custom kernels?

You are talking about only NetBSD geeks.

Small memory systems are not only in embedded systems, and
most users could be lazy and won't bother to fetch sources.

Some people don't want to include unneeded features, and
others might need un-common features which won't be enabled

In release, module binaries allow more people use release
without fetching whole sources and compiling their own kernels.
Izumi Tsutsui

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