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Re: port-evbmips/41650: NetBSD/evbmips -current on MERAKI/Atheros 2315 WiSoC crashes

'show registers'?

db> show registers
ra          0x8006a524

That's almost certainly the place it jumped off the cliff.

Can you find out where it is? (If it's a kernel with debugging symbols
you can get it from gdb; otherwise the easiest way is to run "objdump
-d netbsd | less", search for 8006a524, look backwards to find the
start of the function, then paste the disassembly of the whole
function here.)

8006a4b0 <ar5312MacReset>:
8006a4b0:       27bdffd8        addiu   sp,sp,-40
8006a4b4:       afb40020        sw      s4,32(sp)
8006a4b8:       afb10014        sw      s1,20(sp)
8006a4bc:       afbf0024        sw      ra,36(sp)
8006a4c0:       afb3001c        sw      s3,28(sp)
8006a4c4:       afb20018        sw      s2,24(sp)
8006a4c8:       afb00010        sw      s0,16(sp)
8006a4cc:       8c820010        lw      v0,16(a0)
8006a4d0:       00808821        move    s1,a0
8006a4d4:       8c430008        lw      v1,8(v0)
8006a4d8: 10a00036 beqz a1,8006a5b4 <ar5312MacReset +0x104>
8006a4dc:       00a0a021        move    s4,a1
8006a4e0: 10600006 beqz v1,8006a4fc <ar5312MacReset +0x4c>
8006a4e4:       24124004        li      s2,16388
8006a4e8:       24020001        li      v0,1
8006a4ec: 14620031 bne v1,v0,8006a5b4 <ar5312MacReset +0x104>
8006a4f0:       3c020004        lui     v0,0x4
8006a4f4:       0801a941        j       8006a504 <ar5312MacReset+0x54>
8006a4f8:       34520200        ori     s2,v0,0x200
8006a4fc:       0801a942        j       8006a508 <ar5312MacReset+0x58>
8006a500:       24032000        li      v1,8192
8006a504:       3c030002        lui     v1,0x2
8006a508:       8e220014        lw      v0,20(s1)
8006a50c:       3c05bc00        lui     a1,0xbc00
8006a510:       34a53020        ori     a1,a1,0x3020
8006a514:       00a22823        subu    a1,a1,v0
8006a518:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a51c:       0c011a74        jal     800469d0 <ath_hal_reg_read>
8006a520:       02438025        or      s0,s2,v1
8006a524:       00403021        move    a2,v0
8006a528:       24020002        li      v0,2
8006a52c: 16820003 bne s4,v0,8006a53c <ar5312MacReset +0x8c>
8006a530:       00109827        nor     s3,zero,s0
8006a534:       0801a951        j       8006a544 <ar5312MacReset+0x94>
8006a538:       00d29025        or      s2,a2,s2
8006a53c:       00d31024        and     v0,a2,s3
8006a540:       00509025        or      s2,v0,s0
8006a544:       8e250014        lw      a1,20(s1)
8006a548:       3c10bc00        lui     s0,0xbc00
8006a54c:       36103020        ori     s0,s0,0x3020
8006a550:       02403021        move    a2,s2
8006a554:       02052823        subu    a1,s0,a1
8006a558:       0c011aa7        jal     80046a9c <ath_hal_reg_write>
8006a55c:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a560:       8e250014        lw      a1,20(s1)
8006a564:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a568:       0c011a74        jal     800469d0 <ath_hal_reg_read>
8006a56c:       02052823        subu    a1,s0,a1
8006a570:       0c011bb7        jal     80046edc <ath_hal_delay>
8006a574:       24040064        li      a0,100
8006a578:       8e250014        lw      a1,20(s1)
8006a57c:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a580:       0c011a74        jal     800469d0 <ath_hal_reg_read>
8006a584:       02052823        subu    a1,s0,a1
8006a588:       8e250014        lw      a1,20(s1)
8006a58c:       02533024        and     a2,s2,s3
8006a590:       02052823        subu    a1,s0,a1
8006a594:       0c011aa7        jal     80046a9c <ath_hal_reg_write>
8006a598:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a59c:       8e250014        lw      a1,20(s1)
8006a5a0:       02202021        move    a0,s1
8006a5a4:       0c011a74        jal     800469d0 <ath_hal_reg_read>
8006a5a8:       02052823        subu    a1,s0,a1
8006a5ac:       0801a96e        j       8006a5b8 <ar5312MacReset+0x108>
8006a5b0:       24020001        li      v0,1
8006a5b4:       00001021        move    v0,zero
8006a5b8:       8fbf0024        lw      ra,36(sp)
8006a5bc:       8fb40020        lw      s4,32(sp)
8006a5c0:       8fb3001c        lw      s3,28(sp)
8006a5c4:       8fb20018        lw      s2,24(sp)
8006a5c8:       8fb10014        lw      s1,20(sp)
8006a5cc:       8fb00010        lw      s0,16(sp)
8006a5d0:       03e00008        jr      ra
8006a5d4:       27bd0028        addiu   sp,sp,40


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