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re: kern/41440 (GM45 kernel drm support)

   I will try on 5.0 this afternoon.
   I can start Xorg and it seems to work, I had regular crashes in Xorg 
   (freeze) with my lame changes and for unidentified reasons, so If it 
   happens with this new kernel and drm code I will send you an update, so 
   far so good for now.
   Am I supposed to see any speed improvements in Xorg display?
   it's not fast, as it was before. (I am using modular and intel driver)

i don't know sorry.  i only have radeon and one nv card handy.
   Thank you for this update, I will be able to use my laptop Intel 4500 
   MHD in a more comfortable (and may be more stable) way now!!

no problem :-)


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