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Re: kern/40605

> From: Michael Stapelberg <>

>  > What exact hwrev value is yours?
>  In dmesg, I don't get a hwrev value. All I get is this:

Hmm we should put a printf for hwrev as well as FreeBSD?

According to Gigabyte's manual, EP45-DS3 has two RTL8111C
so it should be 0x3c000000 (RTK_HWREV_8168C) and should have DESCV2.

>  re0 at pci3 dev 0 function 0: RealTek 8168B/8111B PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 
> (rev. 0x02)

I'll remove "B" suffix from the attach message because
all 8168 PCIe variants (8168/B/C/CP/D) have the same PCI device ID
(though they seem to have the different revision IDs).

Izumi Tsutsui

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