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Re: kern/40531 (5.0_BETA/i386 doesn't power off on Dell Latitude X1 with CF card plugged in)

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 20:37:43 +0100, Matthias Drochner wrote:

> Could you please try the appended patch instead? It keeps the
> changes to the release branch at a minimum and is thus
> preferrable from a release engineering POV.

It works.  Who does the commit/pullup?

> The real problem is that pcmcia code generally assumes
> that it is called from a thread context (eg use of tsleep)
> but some hpc* adapter drivers attach pcmcia devices
> while cold. The adapter drivers should be fixed asap,
> and this is only a workaround for the NetBSD-5 release
> branch.

Not only hpc*.  And as I noted in another email, some drivers that do
it from a thread don't use config_pending_{incr,decr}.  Looks like a
coordinated cleanup is due.  Who would be the right person to review

SY, Uwe
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