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Re: port-vax/39182: vax port fails to build 20080715 -current sources

The following reply was made to PR port-vax/39182; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Michael L. Hitch" <>
Subject: Re: port-vax/39182: vax port fails to build 20080715 -current sources
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 12:29:03 -0700 (MST)

 On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, wrote:
 >> Synopsis:       vax port fails to build 20080715 -current
 > Making nroff.n from /build/b/src/gnu/dist/groff/src/roff/nroff/
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/roff/groff  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/roff/troff  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/pic  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/eqn  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/tbl  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/grn  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/refer  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/soelim  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/preproc/html  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/devices/grops  
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/devices/grohtml | sed -e 's|  *|:|g'`;  
 > export GROFF_BIN_PATH;  sed -e "s;@VERSION@;1.19.2;" 
 > /build/b/src/gnu/dist/groff/doc/  | 
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/roff/groff/groff 
 > -M/build/b/src/tools/groff/build/tmac 
 > -M/build/b/src/tools/groff/../../gnu/dist/groff/tmac 
 > -F/build/b/src/tools/groff/build/font 
 > -F/build/b/src/tools/groff/../../gnu/dist/groff/font -Upet -ww -Tps -ge
 > e >
 > pic: Unsupported relocation type 168 in non-PLT relocations
 > grops: Unsupported relocation type 136 in non-PLT relocations
 > /build/b/src/tools/groff/build/src/roff/groff/groff: grn: Segmentation fault
    This problem is still occuring with the HEAD branch as well as the 
 netbsd-5 branch.
    In addition, a simliar thing can occur on the cross-built binaries. 
 I've been testing NetBSD-5_* and ran into a problem building a package 
 that used troff.  The troff binary I built on my amd64 system had the same 
    Checking the netbsd-5_RC1 and netbsd-5_RC2 autobuilds shows that both 
 builds (I think also on amd64) have the same problem.
    From the RC1 autobuild:
 vlc1$ readelf -r usr-RC1/bin/troff|grep -3 unrec
 0006feac  00015214 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006ed5c   _ZTV12hmotion_node + 0
 0006feb0  00015314 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0007587c   env_dictionary + 0
 0006feb4  00015414 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    000758b4   language_dictionary + 0
 08439dc8  08439e08 unrecognized: 8       bad symbol index: 0008439e
 Relocation section '.rela.plt' at offset 0x4280 contains 71 entries:
   Offset     Info    Type            Sym.Value  Sym. Name + Addend
    From the RC2 autobuild:
 vlc1$ readelf -r usr-RC2/bin/troff|grep -3 unrec
 0006fc64  00007d14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006d75c   _ZTV9nargs_reg + 0
 0006fc68  00007e14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006d284   _ZTV15macro_diversion + 0
 0006fc6c  00007f14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    00075880   curdiv + 0
 fd9838d0  00007f7f unrecognized: 7f      00075880   curdiv + fd983da0
 0006fc70  00008014 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0007696c   font_dictionary + 0
 0006fc74  00008114 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006d06c   _ZTV17page_ejecting_re + 0
 0006fc78  00008214 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    00076088   _ZN8charinfo10next_ind + 0
    And from my build:
 vlc1$ readelf -r /usr/bin/troff|grep -3 unrec
 0006fbe8  00007d14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006d6e0   _ZTV9nargs_reg + 0
 0006fbec  00007e14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006d208   _ZTV15macro_diversion + 0
 0006fbf0  00007f14 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    00075800   curdiv + 0
 fd9838d0  00007f7f unrecognized: 7f      00075800   curdiv + fd983da0
 0006fbf4  00008014 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    000768ec   font_dictionary + 0
 0006fbf8  00008114 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    0006cff0   _ZTV17page_ejecting_re + 0
 0006fbfc  00008214 R_VAX_GLOB_DAT    00076008   _ZN8charinfo10next_ind + 0
    My build was (probably) from sources between RC1 and RC2, but I'm not 
 sure why the addresses or so different between my build and the RC2 build. 
 I don't think I have any build options set or changes that should affect 
 how troff gets built.
    The two tools that fail on the native vax build shows the same type of 
 vlc1$ readelf -r tools.vax/lib/groff/pic|grep -1 unrec
 00050c18  00006713 R_VAX_COPY        00050c18   _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__c + 0
 7f3adc28  7f3076a8 unrecognized: a8      bad symbol index: 007f3076
 vlc1$ readelf -r tools.vax/lib/groff/grops|grep -1 unrec
 0003b980  00005d13 R_VAX_COPY        0003b980   _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__c + 0
 7f389548  7f389f88 unrecognized: 88      bad symbol index: 007f389f
    I guess the next step would be to figure out where the relocation 
 entries are done in 'ld' and start adding code to check for valid entries 
 and try to figure out where they are coming from and why they are 
 Michael L. Hitch             
 Computer Consultant
 Information Technology Center
 Montana State University       Bozeman, MT     USA

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