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Re: kern/40487 (thinkpad r50e can't poweroff)

Je Tue, 27 Jan 2009 14:27:56 +1100 matthew green <>

> i understand what is going on.  the 82801DB has been integrated
> into the same ic the 82855GM is on, and speedstep should be
> ignored there.
> (the "enable speed step" bits in the current driver are reserved
> bits in the docs i see for 82801DB.. ugh.)
> the patch below ignores speedstep if we find a 82855GM on the
> system, and should address this problem somewhat sanely.
> i've tested it on the pentium-4m system this code was originally
> tested on 5 years ago, and it seems to work there still.

This doesn't help. Although there isn't info about pmtimer, watchdog or
speedstep, I cannot poweroff.


Daniel Horecki

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