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Re: kern/40462: bnx0: Double mbuf allocation failure!

"Michael L. Hitch" <> writes:
>     I think this occurs because each bnx device attempts to allocate a large
>  number of receive buffers from the mbuf cluster pool.  The default size
>  is too small for two bnx devices, and the bnx driver appears to be the 
>  only one I've seen that panics when it can't allocate the receive buffers.
>     You can override this with the NMBCLUSTERS kernel config option (which
>  required rebuilding the kernel).  Also, enabling the GATEWAY option will
>  usually double the default NMBCLUSTERS (but also requires a kernel 
>  rebuild).
Thanks for the advice.  I'll find a suitable service window and
try out a kernel with an increased setting for the NMBCLUSTERS
option and see what happens.

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