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Re: port-atari/40315: Bootloader fails on Atarit TT030

It's not the firmware -- previously I had been running NetBSD 1.6.1 rock solid for months, with heavy disk activity. During that time I never had any boot issues or any issues that would indicate there's a 2GB limit.

If it would help, I can upload a disk image of a working 1.6.1 install, same format as the HEAD disk image already included in this PR. Then looking at the differences between the two should help pinpoint the problem.

Previously, David Brownlee fixed the installboot code so that it would not report failure and installation would proceed. But the installed boot code was never really tested until now due to the other install issues. It's entirely possible that installboot is dropping the IDE boot code on my drive instead of SCSI, or something like that, who knows.

I went back and ran installboot from 1.6.1 on my existing HEAD install, and now the bootloader gets a little further but still fails with more verbose error info. /boot.atari is still the version from HEAD and I think this may be causing the new failure. Next I'm going to try to replace the newer /boot.atari with the one from my older working 1.6.1 install.

I think it's very likely I can get to a combination of old boot code and new kernel/filesystem that works. It's just a little problematic because while I can preserve the filesystem on a new install, I don't have an easy way of skipping the bootloader installation (installboot and the installation of /boot.atari).

David Ross

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Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 1:50 AM
Subject: Re: port-atari/40315: Bootloader fails on Atarit TT030

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From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
Subject: Re: port-atari/40315: Bootloader fails on Atarit TT030
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 18:45:51 +0900

> The next (final?) install blocker is that the bootloader fails to > operate.
> My system is using an 18gb SCSI disk.

I don't know how primary bootstrap code is loaded by the TT030
hardware (maybe by the onboard BIOS or something like that?),
but I'm afraid 90's firmware might not support reading
(or seeking to) sectors beyond 2GB (i.e. INT32_MAX) limit.

How did you create BSD partition in your disk?
Can you try to create a smaller root partition (i.e. partition a)
then 2GB manually during sysinst?

> Here is a disk image from an install of 200812310000Z HEAD:

Umm, bunzip2(1) on NetBSD/i386 5.99.5 says:

% bunzip2 tt030-halt.img.bz2

bunzip2: Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst decompressing.


Could you have MD5 or SHA1 for it?
If it's a vaild bzip2 file, we might need another PR for it...
Izumi Tsutsui

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