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Re: bin/38723

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:

 you didn't use 2nd patch from paul, so "AMD Power Management features"
 is still missing. please apply attached patch, and please pullup to

I object. Dynamic allocation should not be needed, CPUID_APM_FLAGS is
way much smaller than MAXPATHLEN and there is no reason to use
MAXPATHLEN just because it is a huge value, the use of this constant
is bogus in this context.

Well, then it must be bogus in all the other places it is used in cpuctl's arch/i386.c !! As noted when I submitted the patch, the buffersize was selected because "... size MAXPATHLEN (similar to the other buffers being passed to bitmask_snprintF()"

It would certainly be possible to replace ALL of the allocated buffers with one of size 80 (with an appropriate #define), which would be large enough for any of the snprintf() result strings.

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