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Re: kern/40163: mv(1) cause WAPBL panic

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 06:10:05AM +0000, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
 >> Untested (I don't have any wapbl volumes on hand) patch:
 >  Not untested anymore. The patch seems to have fixed the problem, and  
 >  I get the same error message from NetBSD as I do from other systems,  
 >  so the error path can't be too far wrong.

Can you still unmount the fs afterwards? :-)

(Anything wrong would almost certainly be vnode refcounting.)

Did you (or anyone else listening) test it on 5.0? I need to file a
pullup, and while there should be no reason for it to behave
differently on 5.0, everything connected with rename is so bodgy that
I'd like some positive confirmation. And I don't currently have a 5.0

David A. Holland

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