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Re: lib/39684 (RB_REMOVE trashes link to tree, when requested to remove object that isn't in tree)

On Oct 7, 11:50am, (Quentin Garnier) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/39684 (RB_REMOVE trashes link to tree, when requested to 

|  You know, the fact that you're the one letting your code logic do
|  something that it should not do puts you in a very bad position to make
|  such comments.  If code of yours runs into any of the devices you list,
|  could you tell us brands and exact models?  I feel kind of worried.

Well, this is really not productive. I think that the submitter here
has a point. The manual page states:

     Accordingly, RB_REMOVE() and SPLAY_REMOVE() return the pointer to the
     removed element, otherwise they return NULL to indicate an error.

Looking at the red-black code this is a lie. It never returns NULL and it
should really either:
        1. not trash the tree or
        2. at least document that it will trash the tree


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