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Re: misc/39454: UPDATE build of amd64 bootcd fails to pick up new kernel

> > Is there a good reason the distrib/amd64/cdrom/ make target needs to
> > be different from the floppy targets in this respect?
> Yes, because it can't be done at the same time (it has to be run after
> release).

Also when doing what's done under " ... release", which
is to construct an ISO image containing the boot loader and the
"fat" INSTALL kernel?  I find that somewhat hard to beleive, and
would still expect "dependall" and "release" to do what they do
elsewhere to avoid violating the Principle of Least Astonishment,
not like now that when CDRELEASE is not set, the actual build
*and* installation is done under "make release", and is hidden
from view (actions are performed even though nothing shows up in
the make log!) when MAKEVERBOSE=1...  Again, POLA violation.

> > And why does not "release" dump the built bits into the
> > appropriate RELEASEDIR subdirectory?
> I think it does, but maybe not when run from the distrib/ dir.

Why would that make a difference?!?  If it does, this is yet
another POLA violation.


- Håvard

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