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Re: port-i386/39336: building NetBSD with's `-j 32' option fails

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:05:04AM +0000, Ray Phillips wrote:
 >>  Are you sure you're not running out of swap ? You may have indications
 >>  of this in the tail of 'dmesg', if you didn't reboot your system since
 >>  this run.
 >  That is what happened Manuel; thanks.  The last two lines of dmesg's 
 >  output were:
 >  UVM: pid 28069 (cc1), uid 0 killed: out of swap
 >  UVM: pid 25759 (cc1), uid 0 killed: out of swap


 >  This machine (a 333 MHz PII) has 256 MB RAM and about the same amount 
 >  of swap space.  Can you say how much swap space it would need to 
 >  complete the build?  Assuming it had enough, no doubt it would take 
 >  considerably longer to finish than the ~ twenty-nine hours it took 
 >  without the -j option?

A 32-way build? Probably a gig or two. And then it'll probably take
weeks to run, thrashing hard the whole time.

On a one-processor machine, you're not likely to get any speed gains
by going higher than -j2 or maybe -j3, and even then it only helps if
you have enough RAM, which you don't.

David A. Holland

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