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Re: misc/39121


You are dead wrong.

I don't see how a single person can dictatorially decide what is good form?

On Sat, 19 Jul 2008, Valeriy E. Ushakov wrote:

> > The table would still occupy too much vertical space, which is a real
> > showstopper IMO.
> man automatically uses the "more" pager, so I don't see how this is
> much of an issue.

That's the point, I don't want to use pager every time I want to get
from A to Z.  Again, with the current layout I can "focus" the table I
want on the screen (using pager once) and don't have to touch that
window afterwards.

The way you think is not the way most people think on this issue.

You are also not being truthful when you say you can "focus" on the table you 
want; and THAT is because you have to page through the stuff you DON'T want.

> Lastly, this format has a very long heritage in the Unix world.

Our current layout is direct descendant of Unix V7 ascii(7).  You can
easily verify that by checking - if
that's not heritage, I don't know what is :)

But what I'm proposing came BEFORE that.

> For those of you old enough to remember, this is the same format as
> printed on the DEC pdp-11 Programming Card (mine is dated October
> 1974).

Incidentally, Valeriy, are you old enough to remember the 1974 pdp-11 
Programming Card?

Oh, come on, DEC used so many different formats in different manuals.
Shall we use 1/11, 7/15, etc notation just because it's in e.g. VT200
manual?  Why is it not in the table you propose?

Are you truly this clueless?  I'm trying not to be mean, but your comment here 
is very mean.

The table on the PDP-11 card is most suited for the format of the
card.  My point is that our current table(s) most suited for the
format of the screen.

But but but but... that is not true.

This discussion is not going anywhere, I'm going to close this bug as
invalid.  If someone doesn't like a manual page that comes with the
system there's always an option to installing the one you like in
/usr/local and adjusting your man path.  There's enough rope.

I'm going to take this up with NetBSD Core, as I think you have been entirely 
unreasonable here.



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