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Re: bin/39135: /usr/bin/awk: printf supports extra- (and broken) formatting rules

>  |
>  But if you follow the link:
>  You'll see that there is no mention of the 'l' modifier, and OpenBSD
>  similarly closed the PR.
Yes, "length modifiers" are not allowed for awk's printf operator
and it's safer to disallow them explicitly.

Quick check: between % sign and [diouxXfeEgGcs] character (on the right side)
only the following chars are allowed: [-+0-9 #].

>  The question is should we completely remove support for %l, do a half-assed
>  job like we do now, by not handling long long, or fix %lld?
%l should be disabled because there is no such "conversion
specifiers". %lld - too because "length modifiers" are
not allowed for awk's printf (see above).

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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