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Re: bin/39135: /usr/bin/awk: printf supports extra- (and broken) formatting rules

On Jul 12, 12:35am, ( wrote:
-- Subject: bin/39135: /usr/bin/awk: printf supports extra- (and broken) form

| Rules are there 
|   "The printf statement shall produce output based on a notation
|   similar to the File Format Notation used to describe file formats in
|   this volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (see the Base Definitions volume
|   of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, Chapter 5, File Format Notation).
|   ...
|   ...
|   "
| This PR is again based on OpenBSD gnats

But if you follow the link:

You'll see that there is no mention of the 'l' modifier, and OpenBSD
similarly closed the PR.

[11:49am] 8395>awk 'BEGIN { printf("%llx\n", 0xffffffffffLL); }'
[11:49am] 8396>gawk 'BEGIN { printf("%llx\n", 0xffffffffffLL); }'

The question is should we completely remove support for %l, do a half-assed
job like we do now, by not handling long long, or fix %lld?


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