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Re: install/38841: installer blow up FreeBSD's disklabel on other DOS partitions

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 09:43:43AM +0900, 
 > >  If this is really a NetBSD disklabel, printing it with NetBSD's
 > >  disklabel utility will be much more likely to produce useful results.
 > No. if you need netbsd binary's output, i cannot help.

Not necessarily... but we do need more to go on than you've given us
so far.

You say you can't provide a vnd image with the same partitioning. You
also haven't told us what that partitioning is in enough detail to
duplicate it exactly. There are also other circumstances you haven't
explained, like when or why the NetBSD partition turned into an
OpenBSD partition.

Without this information it is unlikely that we can figure out what

David A. Holland

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