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Re: port-arm/38950 (shark, hpcarm kernels prone to hard hangs on process exit)

Steve Woodford wrote:
 On Friday 20 June 2008 04:35:01 Rafal Boni wrote:
> This just occurred to me after having filed this in the "I don't
 > have time to think about it right now" bin.  The issue here is that
 > the pmap code is using the last-active-lwp as a proxy for
 > last-active-pmap.  What we should do is just save the pmap pointed to
 > by the last-active-lwp vs. the lwp itself.
While that may solve the problem, it may well work against the intention of "last-active-pmap", which is to reduce the impact of context-switching between user-mode processes/lwps. A simple fix would be to add the following to pmap_deactivate():
[...fixed snip'ed to avoid repetition in GNATS...]

The fix does indeed work as advertised, and the shark is happily building packages currently. I haven't yet tested on hpcarm but have no reason to think it won't work there as well.


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