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Re: kern/38742: ahcisata/jmide hang

=>  >   With a current kernel, my system hangs on boot while trying
=>  >   to attach drives. It appears to be related to the changes
=>  >   made April 18, 2008, around 16:46 Eastern, since a kernel
=>  >   from 16:00 works and from 17:00 hangs.
=>  Could you be more precise about the changes bwteen 16:00 and 17:00 ?
=>  There was no changes at April 18 in the ahci or jmide files, and
=>  as I'm not sure what timezone Eastern is, It's difficult for me
=>  to run cvs diff.

   Sorry, wrong month. It was March 18. I believe it was the device_t
changes for ATA. Eastern is UTC-5 (non-DST.)


                                       Gary Duzan

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