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Re: misc/10127 (port i386 /etc/ttys says vt220 instead of wsvt25)

>"Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc." <> writes:
>>  Matching xterm might be an even better target and a better solution to  
>>  the problem, even though it too goes through a whole lot of hoops for  
>>  bug-to-bug compatibility with ancient technology.
>Emulating a color xterm would, of course, be ideal, since then the
>"log in to remote machine" problem etc. all go away and you get all
>the features you want on the local box. If you can make that happen...
        Please no.  Despite my name sometimes being attached to it (someone
else actually deserves all of the credit/blame), color xterm is an awful
hack - a strange mix of VTxx/ANSI and MS/IBM escape sequences (and, unless
they've been fixed, there were some conflicts between the command sets).

BTW.  The "original" xterm emulated a VT102, VT52 or Tek - all probably much
worse choices than either VT100 or VT220 for portability.  (I think I added
some of the missing VT100 escape sequences in X11R5, but at least a few were
reverted/deleted in X11R6 or later in XFree86.)

        Paul Shupak

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