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Re: kern/34461 (multiple problems; lfs-related)

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 06:40:02PM +0000, Andrew Doran wrote:
 >> Just because it's an lfs problem doesn't mean the PR should be closed...
 >> I've updated the synopsis accordingly.
 >  1. Re-opening the PR without even a note was rude.

Well, it *is* a note, but I take your point. It is unnecessarily
abrupt. I apologize.

 >  2. There is scant diagnostic information in this PR, other than
 >     evidence of KVM starvation and a statement indicating that LFS is
 >     broken and not suitable for use on production systems. Any dog on
 >     the street could tell you that.

Well, yes and no. It contains a method for breaking LFS. When/if
someone sits down to tackle the various outstanding problems in LFS,
this is something that they'll want to try. So the PR ought to be left
open so that person (which stands a good chance of being me) will be
able to find it.

If at that point it doesn't apply any more or turns out to depend on
setup details that aren't available, we can always close it then.

As much as it's nice to reduce the total PR count, it doesn't do us
any good in the long run to be too aggressive about it.

David A. Holland

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