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Re: install/21052 (sysinst adds duplicate entry to /etc/hosts)

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 03:40:05PM +0000, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
 >  Actually, this "localhost" issue from April 2003 disappeared in November 
 >  2003 per commit for PR #21999. It no longer adds the line:
 >               localhost
 >  But does localhost.$domain:
 >      if (net_domain[0] != '\0')
 >              scripting_fprintf(f, " localhost.%s\n", net_domain)
 >  It still adss the custom entry but not for "localhost".
 >  I think this PR can be closed.

Hmm. Yeah, probably. Although ideally it wouldn't add this if it
already exists.

 >  Also for later sysinst updates -- don't 
 >  choose to allow the network configs to be chosen. Should sysinst choose 
 >  that? Or allow admin to make choice?

I'm not sure. When updating, does it get the network config out of
/etc? Believe it or not, I've never done an update with sysinst.

David A. Holland

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