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Re: kern/37955: Kernel Panic NetBSD 4.0 blkfree

Vincent van den Berg wrote:

>  I needed to reboot the machine by typing "reboot" at the "db>" prompt, 
>  syncing the disks also hung, so I needed to perform a hard-reset.
>  This happened while I force fsck'd every volume (my passport drive too, 
>  mounted at /mnt/backup and formatted ffs2 with softdep enabled) before 
>  running dump! This is a production machine and it's crucial that backups 
>  are made.

Out of curiosity, does it work any better if you don't enable softdeps?

I use rsnapshot here between two netbsd-4 machines without problems.  I
don't know of any specific problems with softdeps, but I don't use them


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