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Re: bin/38103: automounter (amd) failed to unmount busy filesystems on reboot - reboot will hang

At 13:20 Uhr +0000 27.02.2008, Matthias Scheler wrote:
 > /etc/amd.conf:
 > [ global ]
 > map_type              = nis
 > browsable_dirs        = no
 > normalize_hostnames   = yes
 > fully_qualified_hosts = yes
 > unmount_on_exit       = yes
 > restart_mounts        = yes
 > local_domain          =

 I disagree. I think the "unmount_on_exit" causes the problem. I'm not
 using that option and it works for me.

In fact, "unmount_on_exit = yes" does exactly what you wanted to achieve by gracefully shutting down amd during system shutdown[1]: Amd makes exactly one attempt to unmount each of the shares it manages.

But, and there's the difference, then it terminates and leaves it to the OS to clean up any remaining busy mounts.

 Anyway, I've backed out the change to "/etc/rc.d/amd" already.

Thank you. I believe that's the right thing to do.

 amd(8) is a lost cause and should be removed from NetBSD as
 soon as possible.

It works hassle-free here on 50+ machines, and I can see no alternative out there for multi-platform installations. Please don't flush the baby with the tub water.


[1] E. Zadok: Linux NFS and Automounter Administration, p. 278

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