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Re: FWD: `-c` truncates range with `jot -r`

On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 02:18:09PM +0100, Elias Pipping wrote:
> I've come across what I believe to be a bug in jot(1).
> The bug affects jot(1) on OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X, but not
> FreeBSD.
> `jot -r 100000 97 98` is supposed to generate 100000 numbers in the
> range from 97 to 98. That's what it does. Now `-c` is supposed to
> convert those numbers to ASCII, but it also changes the range, which it
> shouldn't.

You need to do a slightly different test :-)

Try 'jot -r 1000000 97 99 | sort | uniq -c' on the various systems.
See the full horror of the bugs.


David Laight:

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