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Re: kern/38056: ahcisata fails to attach with a ServerWorks HT-1000 SATA

Simon Burge wrote:

> The "Subclass Name: RAID (0x04)" is the bit you're looking for?  In
> ahcisata_pci.c there's this:
>              PCI_SUBCLASS(pa->pa_class) == PCI_SUBCLASS_MASS_STORAGE_RAID)) {
> in ahci_pci_match().  Shall I just try removing that part of the attach
> test?

Ah, the RAID check during attach is a recent change.  If I revert
rev 1.3 of ahcisata_pci.c then svwsata(4) attaches fine:

        svwsata0 at pci1 dev 14 function 0
        svwsata0: ServerWorks HT-1000 SATA Controller (rev. 0x00)
        svwsata0: using irq 11 for native-PCI interrupt
        atabus0 at svwsata0 channel 0
        atabus1 at svwsata0 channel 1
        atabus2 at svwsata0 channel 2
        atabus3 at svwsata0 channel 3


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