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Building NetBSD under cygwin

First excuse for my bad english.

I build current NetBSD tools under cygwin (1.5.25; gcc 3.4.4) and get the
following error:

#   compile  compat/sha1.lo
cc -O  -I. -I./include -I/cygdrive/e/src/tools/compat 
-I/cygdrive/e/src/tools/compat/sys  -DHAVE_NBTOOL_CONFIG_H=1 
/cygdrive/e/src/tools/compat/../../common/lib/libc/hash/sha1/sha1.c: In 
function `SHA1Transform':
/cygdrive/e/src/tools/compat/../../common/lib/libc/hash/sha1/sha1.c:151: error: 
argument "state" doesn't match prototype
/cygdrive/e/src/tools/compat/../../sys/sys/sha1.h:25: error: prototype 

Obviously this happens because the function is declared in
src/sys/sys/sha1.h as:

void      SHA1Transform(uint32_t[5], const u_char[64]);

and defined in src/common/lib/libc/hash/sha/sha1.c as:

void SHA1Transform(state, buffer)
    u_int32_t state[5];
    const u_char buffer[64];

Cygwin define uint32_t and u_int32_t as long and int respectively:

typedef __uint32_t u_int32_t;           //      # 140 
typedef unsigned long uint32_t;         //      # 18 "/usr/include/stdint.h"
typedef unsigned int __uint32_t;        //      # 58 

If brought into line declaration and definition SHA1Transform tools is built 

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