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Re: kern/38021: Tulip NIC "dribbling bit" and "CRC error"

David Holland wrote:

Apparently a different (and more authoritative) link to the same article
I cited earlier.

According to the PR database, a similar patch got applied right away,
so this is probably not the issue.

Are you sure?  As best I can tell from looking at dev/ic/tulipvar.h,
the code in question does NOT look like it was ever patched as described
in the article.

Maybe it was patched, and then later unpatched after problems were seen.

My cabling is fine, AFAIK.

I'll probably sidestep this issue for the time being by changing to a
different (non-Tulip) NIC.

Rich Wales      ===      Palo Alto, CA, USA      ===   ===

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