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Re: port-macppc/37975

Sorry about that, forgot to switch the formatting in Gmail...

To repeat:

RE Michael Lorenz
     The Rev. A Beige G3 (Open Firmware 2.0F1) boots from both CD-ROM and floppy
     The Rev. B Beige G3 (Open Firmware 2.4), however, is incapable of
booting from neither the CD-ROM nor the floppy.

RE Martin Husemann
     Assuming the NMI combo enters DDB, either the default kernel
doesn't have it, or the kernel is wedged hard enough to prevent it
from entering DDB. The reset combo does work, however, to reset the

RE Both
     As an update, since the original report, I've tried the floppies
for 4.99.52; same old song.

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